Cats Wore Out of the Garden: Peaceful Methods In a Row

Cats Wore Out of the Garden: Peaceful Methods In a RowWhat do I do with cats in my garden?
When we think of a cat, most people imagine a sweet, cute animal. How lovely and beautiful they are, some garden lovers sometimes have a different image of cats. Cats can often be a thorn in small gardens. Digging their pits, digging or destroying plants, eating or hunting beautiful birds It can all be reasons to annoy poetry. Furthermore, it should also be borne in mind that if cats in the vegetable garden abandon their feces and that some diseases can be transmitted to humans.

Here are some tips to help prevent these four-leggers from leaving their smelly message in your yard without having to argue with their bosses.
Many methods and means can cause cats to choose the hazel pad. Since garden lovers are often also animal lovers, we try to hit two flies and keep the cats out of the backyard using PLANT:

Put more plants in your yard so that the soil grows completely close and there is no more p…

Successful Cats From Your Garden Chase, Scare or Lock Away

Successful Cats From Your Garden Chase, Scare or Lock Away Cats in the garden are one of the major annoyances in my life. Not only because of the massive slaughter of (garden) birds, but also because of their annoying tendency to dig pits and destroy plants. However, above all because of the incredible stench that releases their poop. Too robust for words and moreover a health hazard, especially in sandpits and vegetable gardens. Read Matthias' thoughts about cat poke.
Action so. There are a few strategies imaginable: chasing, quenching or letting go. The Cats Despise My favorite method of hunting a cat is with a water gun (this "Super Soaker" is perfect for the long distance). Just wet spraying, most cats hate water. They scare the lep, Lazarus. Furthermore, it is no harm. A variation on this theme is the water balloon. You fill the balloon with water and hang it on a shrub or tree. At the bottom, you smear some lubricating sausage or something. The cat is like the bal…

Your Vegetable Bowl and On Vacation

Your Vegetable Bowl and On Vacation Holidays. Have a few weeks away from home. That is, of course, good luck, but what do you do with your Makkelijke Moestuinbak during those weeks? Just as it is so beautiful? From the beginning of June, I often get the question: "How does my vegetable bowl survive the weeks I am gone?". So it is high time for a page about this topic. Most of the pictures are June 2017, but the tips are just as useful in the middle or the end of summer.
So:  What are you doing with your vegetable bowl? The best and easiest thing is if someone else takes care of you. However, I have easy talking: My bins are in the garden with my parents. Neighbors, friends or acquaintances are often prepared to do things occasionally. Whenever they can harvest vegetables and herbs in the period, you are gone.

However, what if you can not find anyone?

Prepare Your Vegetable Bowls for Your Vacation
The biggest problem of 2-3 weeks away is that you can not give your plants wate…

Why Are My Plants Yellow?

Why Are My Plants Yellow? Sometimes I get emails from readers asking why their plants get so yellow.
Do I do something wrong?'Do I give too much water?'Is the MM mix not right? Is the soil too acidic?
Usually, I ask for a picture; then I can see what the problem is. If you can already call it a problem, it is very normal for a plant to look less good. Peas, peas, and sugar snaps That does not look so nice, right? Indeed if you compare it a couple of weeks ago when the plant started to bloom.
However, if you think how a plant works, it is very normal. Plants, like animals and our distant ancestors, have only one purpose: provide offspring. For this, they need to get fruit or to bloom. Once there are flowers, fruits, and seeds, the plant will stop all the energy in it and no longer in the leaf. With pulp and sugar snaps you can see it fast: as soon as there are pods, the sheet at the bottom of the plant begins to become yellow and to corrode.

By picking the bulbs, you stimulate…

Ikea Makes Home Grown Vegetables for Everyone Possible

Ikea Makes Home Grown Vegetables for Everyone Possible Whether you live in the city or enjoy yourself in nature: nothing is as good as enjoying your self-grown vegetables and herbs. That is why Ikea makes it possible for everyone to grow fresh vegetables and herbs throughout the year. A team of Swedish scientists and a passionate product developer of the home warehouse have invented a simple and affordable hydropower culture system. This cultivates your water-based crops and does not require any soil. Also, the culture system uses sustainable LED lighting. The new Hydro Culture culture sets from the VAXER SERIES and KRYDDA series are available at IKEA from now on.

How can people who live in the city or have little space grow their vegetables and herbs and enjoy this fresh produce? That is what Ronnie Runesson, IKEA product developer, asked for. The answer was found in a greenhouse in Taiwan where vegetables were grown on a water-based basis.

"The hydro culture growing system I s…

When To Start a Vegetable Garden?

When To Start a Vegetable Garden? "Can I start now or is it late?" From April, I will get that question on a regular basis. Moreover, all from June. Many people think that if you do not start your vegetable garden at the commencement of the vegetable season - beginning of March, you are already late for that year. However, with an easy vegetable garden, it does not matter. I do not think it is enjoyable to be around mid-May.

Beautiful weather, everything grows fast, and it is time to put the best vegetables like courgettes and tomatoes in your bowl.
An ideal time to start with an easy vegetable garden?
That is not there. Because it can always. Do you know when you start early to catch the whole season? Top! Is it already in the middle of the year? Perfect for it is best Then it is beautiful weather, everything gets easy and grows fast. At the end of summer or early autumn, you can also sow everything to harvest in winter or early spring. Moreover, you are ready for the next…

Rabbits and Horses Were Out of The Garden

Rabbits and Horses Were Out of The Garden Rabbits feel at home in open and semi-open landscapes. You will find them almost everywhere, so in the quiet woods. The rabbit digs holes and is active at night. Depending on the time of year, they eat all kinds of green such as grass, branches, roots, and bark. A rabbit will receive a boy several times a year. Because they are in group life, they can cause a lot of excavation and damage in the garden.
If your garden is demarcated with a fence, the chance is already much smaller than your plants will be eaten by the rabbits.

A solution to problems with rabbits is to catch them. This can be done by enabling specialized firms that have dedicated ferrets. Ferrets are small predators, closely related to the buzzing. The specialists will first thoroughly invent all the caves, and then the caves will be sealed with special nets and catch cages. When all caves are sealed, the fermented ferrets are released. The ferrets trace the rabbits into their c…