Garden Ideas: The Most Beautiful Garden Lighting

The Most Beautiful Garden Lighting

Looking for garden gift ideas that bring some light into the darkness? We collected the most beautiful garden lighting inspiration for you! Do you go for copper garden lighting? Alternatively, imagine you prefer in Oriental style? Something for everyone in this blog:

Oriental Style Lighting

Bring the Oriental feeling to your garden with this particular hanging lanterns. Do the forms immediately think of famous Asian temples. Because the lights were bobbing they gently on the wind, which creates a soothing effect. This garden lighting is ideal for lovers of Oriental style.

Copper Garden Lighting

Copper remains all the way in, and that is not without reason! The rustic charm fits perfectly with rural gardens. Especially in combination with broken wooden furniture and accessories does the copper garden lighting correctly. Also between the green light the material nicely. The brass oil lantern is a timeless item that fits in almost any garden. The flame allows for a playful lighting to create a lovely atmosphere.

The hanging lantern is attached to a leg which can be inserted easily into the ground. Place it between garden plants along the path and lit the way. Half hidden between the Green radiates this garden lighting even something mysterious and comes as the best.

Light Bulb? Great Idea!

Very cold, the sight of the traditional light bulb between the flowering plants and vegetation in the garden. The recognizable round shapes of the filament lamp are beautiful in various garden styles. Often such garden lighting supplied in longer series. So illuminates your garden with ease on atmospheric mode. The light bulb is not environmentally conscious? Don't worry; this lighting is nowadays often with economic LED'jes produced. So you can have for a long time without any worries!

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Solar Power

For the truly environmentally conscious gardeners among us, there is the possibility to choose for garden lighting on solar energy. Many garden lighting works on solar energy. During the day, sunlight is captured and stored in batteries. The evening rays as they can in your garden. The great thing about this kind of garden lights? They do not need to be connected to the electricity grid and have therefore no outlet needed. This allows you to place and move them to your garden quickly.
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Hanging Outdoor Lighting

You have a porch, awning or other wood construction in the garden? Let the spotlights and go for hanging outdoor lighting. Preferably for an outdoor lamp that is a real eye catcher. It is nice to here the same style as the other outdoor lights used in your garden. We chose here for a traditional incandescent shape with a flat copper/metallic hood. This lamp has both an industrial and a rural feel, which makes it suitable for different garden fixtures.

Standing Outdoor Lamp

Do you have enough space in the garden? Consider placing a large lantern in your garden. A hefty standing outdoor light, an active head element. This garden lighting has an imposing appearance and lights the garden beautifully on once the evening cases.

Do you have enough inspiration gained through this article? Alternatively, light your garden in the evening, all beautifully on? Share your garden ideas and tips in the sphere of garden lighting below in the comments!


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