Five Saving Tips For in The Garden

Saving Tips For in The Garden

That you can save your energy and money at home probably already, but in your garden, you can save yourself with minimal effort at your expense. Below are some tips, so you can spend more money on fun things like packing a terrace, eating ice cream, going to a festival or a weekend away.

Tip 1: Use 'Badger water' for your plants

With the warm weather, it is important to spray your garden regularly, but it costs much water. According to Milieu Centraal, we consume about 1300 liters of drinking water every year for spraying our garden. This can certainly be more efficient. Although we often complain about the rainy weather in the Netherlands, it sometimes has its advantages. Because of the more frequent regeneration, we need to spray our gardens here in the Netherlands less often than in Spain, for example.

Also, you can catch rainwater to use it for your garden during the hot days. Moreover, in the summer you have a bath in your yard that cools for you and your children? Do not throw the water away if you are 'exhausted.' This water can be used well for your garden, provided you have not taken a chlorine tablet or other mediums that should keep the water clean. Also, you can use the collected rainwater or water from the bathtub to clean your garden furniture.

Tip 2: Nice garden atmosphere with solar garden lights and candles

Of course, we all want to enjoy the perfect temperature at all times. That is why we are happy to have a snack and drink in the garden. However, when the sun is under you, you still want to enjoy your garden without having to sit in the dark. Save on your energy costs by choosing for solar garden lighting. Want to create a more romantic atmosphere? Then put some candles on. Moreover, are you the "chess" that is always leaked by mosquitoes? Then go for a lemon pie. This allows you to enjoy a pleasant summer evening without any problems.

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Tip 3: Cozy around the fire pit

When the sun is down, the temperature drops a few degrees. Although patio heaters seem to be an ideal outcome for longer living in the garden, it is also the largest energy snap. Are you a kokum? If you prefer, use a thick sweater or use a loop and enjoy your fire at all.

Tip 4: 'Lawnmower workout.'

Chances are you have a garden with a piece of grass. This means that you will have to mow the grass in its time. Is the size of the lawn surface to be the oversight? Then choose a hand mower than for an electric lawn mower. Hand mowers are often not only cheaper in the purchase, but they also consume no energy. Well, almost then. Of course, it takes more effort to mow the lawn but look like an enjoyable workout in the comfort of your garden.

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Tip 5: Compare energy, a piece of a penny

The relatively straightforward tips above are sure to save energy. However, do you want to save money? Then start comparing energy. It can generate many hundreds of euros on an annual basis. Money that you can spend on a friendly festival where you can enjoy a lot of delicious ice creams.


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