Garden Ideas and Trends 2017

Garden Ideas and Trends 2017

The garden season is in full swing, time to our garden ideas and the last garden trends for 2017 to share with you! Do you know already how you dress up your garden this summer? Here, you will find inspiration for garden decorations, garden furniture, and planting. Give your garden a makeover so you can enjoy a delicious garden all summer.

1. The Bohemian Garden

We told you already briefly about this trend in our Spring Garden tips. The bohemian garden is colorful, cozy and inspired by faraway places. Think of fun garden cushions and rugs with colorful prints and Chinese lanterns as a decoration. This garden trend is easy to apply by adding accessories, and you do not even to have green fingers.

Garden furniture that fit the bohemian garden is rattan benches and chairs and furniture made of pallets. Lanterns, lanterns and light cords are the perfect way to make your garden cozy if it starts to shimmer. With a rug for outdoor do you bohemian garden.

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Of course, items like a fire pit and a hammock do not lack in this garden trend. It is all about relaxation and conviviality in the bohemian garden. Fill a few beautiful terracotta pots or Wicker baskets with plants. Tropical plants with beautiful large leaves blend perfectly with the bohemian garden. However, also brightly colored flowers, Cactus, and vet plant Jes fit with a bohemian garden.

2. The Inside/ Outside Garden

A trend that we saw last year: the indoor-outdoor garden. Turn your garden an extension of your interior. Garden furniture requires not necessarily more to look like garden furniture, but seem right on interior furniture. Cozy ' tables,' benches and stools and patio furniture with a design language. We see more and more decorative pillows for the backyard, and also a garden daily ( the rug for the garden) should not be missing in the indoor-outdoor garden.

3. The Luxury Maintenance Free Garden

This garden exudes luxury. Relax and enjoy is important in this garden. It should look beautiful, but little support. Go for sleek and modern and make a combination of different materials for a luxurious look. Choose large tight tiles and match this for example with a wooden platform. Create a pair of tight plant containers and fill it with low-maintenance plants such as Hostas, Hydrangeas or ornamental grasses. In a luxurious Garden may a few luxury features such as a swimming pool, jacuzzi or outdoor kitchen. Go for beautiful lounge furniture to complete your luxury garden!

4. The Natural Garden

Opposite the luxury maintenance free garden is the trend the natural garden. This is the garden trend for gardening enthusiasts. Put your green fingers but from the sleeves and get going. The idea of this garden trend is to nature to do its thing. Little pavement and green are what we want to see. Not a big tight garden tiles, but sweet little tiles and cute paths. A pond fits perfectly to this garden trend. Choose garden furniture of natural materials such as wood.

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The planting does not have to be neat and tight. Choose different types of plants and flowers. It does not have to be close and pruned; nature should correct its course. Let fences overgrow with Ivy or another Creeper or opt for a hedge instead of a barrier.


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