Ikea Makes Home Grown Vegetables for Everyone Possible

Ikea Makes Home Grown Vegetables for Everyone Possible

Whether you live in the city or enjoy yourself in nature: nothing is as good as enjoying your self-grown vegetables and herbs.
That is why Ikea makes it possible for everyone to grow fresh vegetables and herbs throughout the year. A team of Swedish scientists and a passionate product developer of the home warehouse have invented a simple and affordable hydropower culture system. This cultivates your water-based crops and does not require any soil. Also, the culture system uses sustainable LED lighting. The new Hydro Culture culture sets from the VAXER SERIES and KRYDDA series are available at IKEA from now on.

How can people who live in the city or have little space grow their vegetables and herbs and enjoy this fresh produce? That is what Ronnie Runesson, IKEA product developer, asked for. The answer was found in a greenhouse in Taiwan where vegetables were grown on a water-based basis.

"The hydro culture growing system I saw there could be the solution for people who want to grow vegetables all year long. The cultivation system took up little space, removed its nutrients from water and was not dependent on daylight. "

Sustainable and Healthy
The product developer went with his idea for hydro culture sets for a home to the agricultural university in Sweden. Professor Håkan Asp was immediately enthusiastic. He says, "Most vegetables we eat, such as tomatoes, come from a hydropower culture system. It is the way to grow vegetables throughout the year. Gardening at home is not only fun but also allows people living in urban areas to grow their food and learn children from where vegetables and herbs come from. It contributes to a more sustainable life at home and is suitable for a healthy lifestyle. "

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Self-Lettuce, Basi, and Parsley Cultures
Professor Helena Karlén considered IKEA's true challenge: "Develop a simple and affordable hydropower culture system that everyone can use and provide delicious, edible vegetables and herbs. This begins with the right seeds that grow well in the system of pots and pans. We experimented with various kinds of lettuce and herbs like basil and parsley. The exposure is also important for the growing set. We have carefully determined the color of the led lighting and the distance to the cuttings. "

Tasty result
The collaboration with the Swedish scientists resulted in the hydro culture sets available from IKEA now. The VÄXER series contains 18 kinds of seeds and is aimed at growing small pieces. With the KRYDDA series, you can produce those cakes to a delicious, tasteful result. The series, in addition to the seeds, consists of bushes with and without lid, which may or may not be provided with led lighting. Furthermore, the stone wool and the pumice stone for the bottom of the greenhouses are available separately. Whoever starts with the home nursery must have a moment of patience: it takes an average of seven weeks before you can taste your vegetables and herbs.

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