25 Tips to Make a Cheap Garden

Tips to Make a Cheap Garden

Cheap or refurbish your garden. 25 tips to help you with the preparation, gardening, garden equipment, plants and maintenance of your garden.

 Preparation garden plant

1. Design your garden yourself

This will save you many costs. To do this, you use 3D garden design software online. You can also submit your design to a gardener and ask for some tips. Alternatively, ask someone in your residence that, according to you, has a lovely garden for feedback on your design.

2. What and what not a list

Start with a list of what you and what you do not like in your garden. This is the brainstorming phase. What do you need in any case? What not. What is the sunniest place and where is the most shadow. Where do you want to use those areas? Then go to your wish list for styles. Pinterest is a handy way to create mood boards from gardens. Moreover, the difference in the cost of purchasing magazines about gardens.

3. In steps to design garden

Should the garden be perfect at one time? Alternatively, can it take steps too? In that case, you can first develop and make the core shape of your garden. Invest in good soil, lighting, fence or hedge and use grass, gravel, and cheap plants. Next year, you will start with these places and plant a tree, bigger plants, for example.

4. Friends and neighbors also knock up the garden

Tell your friends and neighbors that you want to go to the backyard. Ask them if they plan to remove plants, garden sets or other garden accessories. You can help remove and take over for free.

5. Create a garden budget

Make a budget and keep your garden household book well when you are going to make purchases. Experience shows that once you shop in garden centers, you take more than is on your list. Thus, the costs are noticed unnoticed.

Setting up a garden

6. Use old shelves

Old shelves are ideal for a few beautiful planters or your self-made vegetable bowls. Cover them on the inside with plastic or root cloth. Keep the old look or paint them with bits.

7. Create a garden seat yourself

A small garden in a sunny corner is ideal. Indeed in spring when the first sun is showing. The cycling shop and marketplace offer them a lot. Buy or make a few pillows in the style of your garden and enjoy.

8. Scaffolding wood as a cheap alternative to hardwood

Wood is durable, lasting for a long time but is also a significant investment. A cheaper and stylish alternative is scaffolding wood. This will also take a long time.
Steigerhout remains a trend and is very suitable for everything. For example, your garden table, garden bench or planters. If you are a little handy, you save much money on your garden setting. First, determine what kind of scaffold would you want if you buy scaffolding.

Free garden supplies

9. Borrow garden tools

Free garden tools needed? There are once those devices that you do not use every day. Look at Peer.nl if there is someone near you from whom you can borrow the wheelbarrow, vertical or chainsaw. The app download can of course also.

10. Free collection sites

Like you, other people refurbish their garden. There you can use that. Look at Marketplace or Free-to-download websites for garden screens, tiles, swings or trampolines you want to lose. It has often been a long time for you to pick them up and you do not have to go to the garbage disposal.

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Plants in your new garden

11. Concrete bait for the climbing plants

You can buy beautiful stillages and fences to grow your plants. Alternatively, you put down a full grown ivy at once. Much cheaper is buying your concrete bait and giving your plants time to find their way. Nature conserves you so much money at your garden landscaping, and it is just a lot of fun to see your garden more beautiful every year.

12. Choose the right plants

Carefully make your choice of plants. Take note of the amount of maintenance they need. Moreover, whether they are secure or vulnerable. It would be a shame if you planted after half a year. For inspiration, look at Pinterest for the 26 planting plan.

13. All seasons plant plan

Your planting plan also includes variation in perennial plants that last for several seasons and plants that bloom or give a single color to your garden during a particular period of the year.

14. Broken branches grow

Broken fresh twigs preferably do not throw away. Put them in a glass of water and see if they shoot root. Then put in a small jar of earth and take good care of it. Before you know, you have a new plant again.

15. Become a cuttings specialist

Cuttings at the neighbors is a beautiful and the most inexpensive way to cheap to revamp your garden. Ask for cuttings and is an expert in the growing of plants that you like.

16. Offers summer flowers

Quickly you redecorate garden do you do with the summer flowers. The garden and job centers have very nice offers. Pots and baskets do you get at the thrift store, or you can make itself a bin.

17. Forget the market does not

How about the market? There is your golden yet still lucky. For 10 euros you have as fast many plants for your new garden.

18. Longer fun of your plants

A tip to longer fun to keep track of your new plants. Use anywhere garden soil and fill in the gaps where your plants place with potting soil.

19. Invest in land

Flowers and plants have good soil so that they are long and well continue to grow and prosper. So do not be a close on the budget for ground. Calculate how much land you need and love the offers of garden centers in the holes. Alternatively, look in your area, or there are parties are offered.

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20. Coconut potting soil

Additional power supply to your new plants gives you with coconut potting soil. This holds water longer and gives the first half extra nutrition to your plants. Coconut potting soil is more expensive than regular soil, but you save again because you have to feed the first months extra.

Garden Maintenance

21. Holiday Soon?

You are now with your preparation. Is the garden once finished, keep in mind that your new plants after four to six weeks already should have extra nutrients. You do this with cow dung lime grains or foods. Take this also in your budget for your garden. Alternatively, use coconut potting soil. Which provides the plants half a year of nutrition.

22. Extra watering

Cheap a garden building or refurbishing is also looking ahead. After the garden design, plants need much care. For example, additional watering. Please be advised that you can do this and plan not directly a holiday after you have restored the garden. Alternatively, make arrangements with your neighbors.

23. Grass has time and attention

Grass in your garden is inexpensive but takes a lot of time and maintenance. Do not have time; you ask if this is such a smart investment. Certainly, in the growing season, you should regularly mow and weed control in damp shady places. Is your grass not beautiful more then you can fix the lawn? Make sure your grass well through the winter comes and makes a fresh start as the Sun starts to shine again in the spring. Read all about the winterizing your garden and the grass.

24. Give your garden the time

Nature grows and prospers by itself. Give your garden the time to more beautiful and more wonderful. Pruning regularly splits and swim. The question you will also wonder when buying a plant, tree or hedge or that already fully grown. You pick a younger version than is often much cheaper. Growing goes without saying with a little attention.

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25. Do it yourself and do it together

The biggest cost of a gardening is the working hours. Please check first what you really can do yourself, where your neighbors, family or friends are good at and ask them to help you. That can always in stages. Plan and divide the work. For the specific jobs, you hire a gardener in.


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