Nine Tips For Organizing Your Balcony

Nine Tips For Organizing Your Balcony

It can sometimes be quite tricky to your balcony. Often you have but little space, but still want much done with this space. There should be a place to lounge in the Sun, place to drink and you will also prefer to get some plants. How do you this? We give you nine tips for organizing your balcony!

1. Use The Height

Our first tip: use the height! At most balcony's do you have at least one wall where you can hang on to something? Sometimes you have a kind of ceiling on the balcony above you, making you even more connection options. Go for plant hangers or hang a rack on the wall. There are many more possibilities for optimal spacing. For example, start a vertical herb garden in a pallet or use an etagere or plants stairs.

2. Use Your Balcony Railing

One more way to make maximum use of the space of your balcony: use your balcony railing! Make your balcony with planters filled with flowers at the railing. You see nowadays more often convenient balcony tables and bars that you can hang on the railing of your balcony. Such a bar takes a lot less space than a table, while you relax on your balcony can eat! In the Webshop, you can find a lot of Nice balcony bars!

3. Minimalist Balcony Furniture

When you have a small balcony, you do not want your balcony furniture all to take up space. Therefore, for minimalist balcony furniture that you can put on the side by putting them in easy to clap or to accumulate. For example, choose for a cute bistro set.If you want a lounge sofa? Create own one of pallets or opt for an additional small copy, so you do get a little space on your balcony.

4. Plants For Your Balcony

Which plants and flowers do well on a balcony? It is there a bit on whether you have a sunny or shaded balcony. In any case, you have plants that are not too large and do well in pots. Some classics are the balcony petunia, geranium, the ice flower, vegetable, and lavender.

5. Lights

No green fingers? Also with lights, you can make your balcony! So you can still enjoy a drink on your balcony while it gets dark. Go for a nice cord with lights. Alternatively, put a couple of Nice wind lights down. Prepare yourself for some romantic summer nights on your balcony;).

6. Fun Accessories

Also with accessories, you can make your balcony. Hang a lovely garden painting on, search great pads and place a colorful balcony dressing down!

7. Vegetable Garden Balcony

If you are a little green thumb, you can of course also a balcony vegetable garden building! Enter your vertical planters with herbs such as basil, thyme, Rosemary, mint, and parsley. Strawberry plants do it perfect in hanging baskets to the railing. Also, bushes with cherry tomatoes or peppers are fun for on your balcony. Grow some at, and so you grow your salad together!

8. Balcony BBQ

What's more fun than a tasty barbecue in the summer? Also on the balcony, you can have a barbecue! Today there are even barbecues to your balcony railing can hang.

9. Ramps

Many times has your balcony a flat floor of concrete. An easy way to give some more atmosphere to your balcony is with ramps! With wooden ramps do you change the atmosphere of your gallery complete, making the look just what cozier and more comfortable?

10. Make Choices

Our last tips: make decisions. When your balcony is not so great, you will sometimes make compromises. Consider carefully what you the most significant finds. Would you like to be able to lounge in the Sun? Go for a lounge sofa. Do you find it more important to eat on your balcony? Then a bistro set might be a better choice. When you like to grow your vegetables, you will maybe some lounge in.

Do you have a good ballon tip for us? Let us know in the comments! You will find the sources of the images on our Pinterest Board. We wish you an enjoyable spring and summer on your balcony!


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