When To Start a Vegetable Garden?

When To Start a Vegetable Garden?

"Can I start now or is it late?"
From April, I will get that question on a regular basis. Moreover, all from June. Many people think that if you do not start your vegetable garden at the commencement of the vegetable season - beginning of March, you are already late for that year. However, with an easy vegetable garden, it does not matter. I do not think it is enjoyable to be around mid-May.

Beautiful weather, everything grows fast, and it is time to put the best vegetables like courgettes and tomatoes in your bowl.
An ideal time to start with an easy vegetable garden?

That is not there. Because it can always. Do you know when you start early to catch the whole season? Top! Is it already in the middle of the year? Perfect for it is best Then it is beautiful weather, everything gets easy and grows fast. At the end of summer or early autumn, you can also sow everything to harvest in winter or early spring. Moreover, you are ready for the next season.

Also: making your bowl is not just an investment for this season but the coming years.

Does that apply to an ordinary vegetable garden?

No, not really. In a traditional vegetable garden you have to prepare everything again every year; Remove all the mess, cultivate and fertilize the soil, make seedlings, etc.

You should do that as early as possible. Otherwise, you will not get enough from your garden and do not provide enough work for that work: That is why you read in most garden books and internet sites that you should start planting your soil in late autumn. Then you can initiate the rest of the (many!) Work early in the spring - if the weather takes a bit. Moreover, do not mistake you; You have to do that again every year The whole thing from the beginning. However, with an MM it is a whole different story!
Start with a convenient vegetable garden
An Easy Vegetable Box will set you up once and will be ready for this year, for next year and subsequent years.

You set up that way. You only need:

  • To put a tray,
  • Filling with MM mix
  • draw a grid,
  • moreover, finished!
  • Your preparations are therefore minimal.

To give you an example; Our own 'show garden' we built in 2013 only in May and mostly sown in June. Two months later, it looked very different: In our bins there are constantly empty subjects because they are empty-harvested; Also now in June. We then immediately re-seed or plant a plant.

Whether you do it in empty subjects or an entirely new tray does not matter.
What can you sow now?

There are plenty of vegetables that you can sow and plant now (early June), and you can harvest in a few weeks!

I call some:

  • Carrots
  • All kinds of beans (both the flat and the so-called beans that climb)
  • Rucola
  • Radishes
  • Beets
  • Palm cabbage,
  • Endive
  • Moreover, sliced beetroot

Plus can also be fine but the result is a bit dependent on the weather. If it gets sweltering and you bake in the sun, it does not work well. However, during a wet, cold summer (do we do that once?), It is going to be very good, just like in the shade with more shade.

Herbs like dill, coriander, and basil are also shown throughout the summer. They are best when they are young.

On the picture above you can see it beautifully: In the front box are lettuce salads where many leaves have already been harvested but where the box is almost too small. That is why I occasionally get a whole body too.

Also, spinach is now almost at its end; Harvest another time and then I sow in that box cola.

In the empty box on the right, I can plant beans and in the back box - at the climbing rack - a current climate climbs. Live the garden center!

At the moment (early June) you can buy tomato, zucchini and cucumber plants in most garden centers. Often with fruit and so, you can harvest it quickly. With us, the local garden center sells all kinds of vegetable plants throughout the summer. Lettuce, beets, herbs, cabbage; you name it. Because everything grows fast, you can harvest those leafy plants for a week or two!
July and The Rest
From July it is time to sow all kinds of vegetables for autumn and winter. Cabbages for example, and oriental vegetables like paki and garlic. Spinach and lettuce must be done later.

In my book and on my seed calendar you can specify exactly what you can sow and harvest when. If you use the MM app, you can see that well. Moreover, all year round you can enjoy fresh herbs from your bins. Last winter we could even harvest parsley even in January!
In short It is never too late (or too early) to start an Easy Vegetable Garden.

Both in spring, summer, and autumn you can enjoy your (new) garden, and you can sow and harvest almost year-round. Moreover, again; An MM does not make you ready for one year, But immediately for the coming years. Without all that work you have to do in an ordinary vegetable garden!


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