Successful Cats From Your Garden Chase, Scare or Lock Away

Successful Cats From Your Garden Chase, Scare or Lock Away

Cats in the garden are one of the major annoyances in my life. Not only because of the massive slaughter of (garden) birds, but also because of their annoying tendency to dig pits and destroy plants. However, above all because of the incredible stench that releases their poop. Too robust for words and moreover a health hazard, especially in sandpits and vegetable gardens. Read Matthias' thoughts about cat poke.
Action so. There are a few strategies imaginable: chasing, quenching or letting go.

The Cats Despise

My favorite method of hunting a cat is with a water gun (this "Super Soaker" is perfect for the long distance). Just wet spraying, most cats hate water. They scare the lep, Lazarus. Furthermore, it is no harm. A variation on this theme is the water balloon. You fill the balloon with water and hang it on a shrub or tree. At the bottom, you smear some lubricating sausage or something. The cat is like the balloon, which is not resistant to the rough tongue. In both cases, you hope that the cat in question remembers that it is not nice in your garden. With both methods, I have rarely managed to hit a cat.

That is why just getting a mop on the window or behind the cat is the most used method in our home. They are going to be like an angry crowd, but given the recidivism, the message does not come true in the poetry rehearsals.

Crazy Cat: Ways to Deter Cats

Fortunately, you can also make your garden work to send pole-like direction to the exit. Namely by making it unpleasant in your garden.

By having the as little ground as possible, make your garden less attractive. Many soil coverings between your bushes, for example, the campanula. A nice bonus is of course that it looks more beautiful and weeds have less chance. Possibly you can protect the open ground with incentives, such as pruning of prickly shrubs or masses of satire-crushers.

Land that you want to keep open can protect you by scattering coffee. If cats get their fur and they lick themselves clean, they are abhorring. Now, hope they remember what they deserve. Even citrus shells seem to scare cats, although I have never tried it myself. Plants that smell like lemon, cats also find nothing. You can think of fruit gum, lemon balm or a lemon rattan. Here too, the effect is limited: you need to make your garden beautiful full to become truly unattractive.

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Ecostyle sells the product "Kattskrik." Cat scarecrow is a powder that smells of garlic or "stinks" you could say. The seller is very excited; it would be cats and dogs from your garden. I used it myself. It works limited I found: only around the place where you are sprinkling your garden is protected until it rains. Moreover, if you are sitting in your yard, you are still in the stench.

There are also electrical appliances for sale that claim to chase away high-noise cats. It seems very radical to me, and the sound does not stop at the boundary of your garden. Whether it works is not clear either.

Cats Get Out of Your Garden

If you have a big garden, and also cuddly cats, you can also choose to make a piece of your garden immensely cat-friendly. Plants like cat weed (Nepeta) or cat grass are irresistible. Fortunately, the cats confined themselves to that section of the garden. Even more beautiful, if you have your neighbors who have a cat, get so far to build their garden to the cat-lure zone. They finally chose a cat, you not.

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In principle, you can of course also make a huge fence around your garden, but I think the means is worse than the disease. Then you are very "atmospheric," but cat-free, next to the Berlin Wall.


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