6 Handy Garden Ideas for a Tropical Garden

Garden Ideas for a Tropical Garden

Looking for garden ideas to start a tropical garden? Creating a tropical garden can be a big challenge. The Dutch climate makes it quite difficult. Creating a beautiful exotic garden is feasible. Choose for exotics that can be used in winter. By smartly planting and combining, you can also transform your garden into a tropical resort!

1. Mediterranean Fan Palm

Not every palm tree is suitable for our climate. A good palm, to begin with, is the Mediterranean fan palm (Chamaerops Humilis). This hardy palm is a real strongman: he tolerates temperatures down to-10 ℃. With it comes the average Dutch winters with ease by! Making sure that he is not too damp is important. He loves drought, all year around.

2. Bamboo

Bamboo is known for its rapid growth and perseverance. Fortunately, there are also slowly growing variants that are very suitable as a garden plant. Therefore, bamboo fits perfectly between the tropical garden ideas of this article! Especially the different Fargesia varieties are appropriate for the backyard. Take the Fargesia Nitida, one of the many beautiful bamboo families. Variants can be planted as the full-bodied hedge plant, but you can also plant them as an excellent addition to the garden. Fargesia Nitida species are very hardy and therefore extremely suitable for the tropical garden.

3. Banana Plant

Think of a tropical garden, then you think of banana plants. The banana plant (Musa Basjoo) exudes exactly the atmosphere we want to create. It is the most winter-hard banana plant that can be found. Nevertheless, it is important to take protective measures in winter. Move it as long as it can enter the winter period. Is he too big to get in? Then it is wise to protect the stem of the plant with reed mats. As long as the roots of the banana plant are protected, he will grow back after winter. This year, you shall enjoy this exotic favorite again.

4. Ferns

Fill the ferns look of the tropical garden. Many types of keeping it only in tropical climates. Fortunately, there are also indigenous species that it is fine to hold out in our gardens. Take the so-called females and males. Also, the fern is an impressive addition to your tropical garden. The fern can even grow up to 2 meters high and has a preference for moist soil.

5. Tropical Garden Ideas: Furniture

Of course, a tropical garden also includes garden furniture. Go for wooden chairs and tables, painted in soft pastel tones or even bright colors. Wicker furniture pieces also fit perfectly with the desired atmosphere. In natural color, reeds are already beautiful, even more, beautiful it is dyed in soft, light shades.

6. Rocks and Stones

Rocks and stones also fill the picture well. Place them scattered through your tropical garden and make a natural path. Possibly you can complete the image by creating a small, natural looking waterfall.

Are you planning a tropical garden? Always make sure that you are well aware of the most important features of the exotic plants. Do they need much or little moisture? Do they have to be in the full sun, or do they benefit from the shadow? Also, are they resistant to the Dutch winters? With the right preparation, your garden can also be transformed into an exotic resort!

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Are you already ready? Alternatively, do you already have a tropical garden and have good garden ideas and tips for our readers? Let me know in the comments!


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