Why Are My Plants Yellow?

Why Are My Plants Yellow?

Sometimes I get emails from readers asking why their plants get so yellow.
Do I do something wrong?'Do I give too much water?'Is the MM mix not right? Is the soil too acidic?

Usually, I ask for a picture; then I can see what the problem is. If you can already call it a problem, it is very normal for a plant to look less good. Peas, peas, and sugar snaps That does not look so nice, right? Indeed if you compare it a couple of weeks ago when the plant started to bloom.
However, if you think how a plant works, it is very normal.
Plants, like animals and our distant ancestors, have only one purpose: provide offspring. For this, they need to get fruit or to bloom. Once there are flowers, fruits, and seeds, the plant will stop all the energy in it and no longer in the leaf. With pulp and sugar snaps you can see it fast: as soon as there are pods, the sheet at the bottom of the plant begins to become yellow and to corrode.

By picking the bulbs, you stimulate the plant to make even more flowers (and thus penalties)
However, that is not an endless process: after a week or two or three you can harvest all the pods, and you can better remove the plants. Then your subject is free for something new. The tall pellets still make new side branches, which will come in with flowers. However, that harvest will not be that big anymore.
Potatoes, Onions, and Garlic

If your potato plants grow yellow it is usually just a good sign: time is then ripe to dig. Onions are also ripe to harvest when the leaf is drowning and yellowing. With garlic, that is the same!
Tomatoes, Beans, and Courgettes
Beans, tomatoes, and courgettes want to have yellow leaves at the beginning of summer. Especially when daytime and night is a bit colder and lighter.
These are real summer greens that do not like that cold and wetness.
In recent years, I have often thought that my zucchini plants would not save it. They remained small during the first few weeks, and the stem dried up. Moreover, just as I wanted to give up, they suddenly began to grow immensely.

This year we soon had a beautiful and warm weather and did the plants well from the start. Nevertheless, you should get rid of a little and do not immediately despair: the chance of later pulling it back.
Other reasons for yellow leaf
Of course, there are other reasons. If the roots of the plants do not get oxygen for too long because the soil is too wet and drastic, the plant will see pieces of less Florissant.

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However, if you use the MM mix and you can lose the excess water, that will not be a problem. Unless the weeks continue to plummet, even an MM can not stand up.
Also, make sure that your plants get enough sunlight. That is what they make up a lot of their food. For example, pedigrees grow 40-50 cm high, so you probably do not put them in front of your bowl. However, if the plants are still small and there are many slugs left, they are still in the shadow.
To continue on that diet: except that plants themselves create, they also get it from the ground. For example, do not contain enough nitrogen, you will also get weak and yellow plants. In the Botanic Garden, the food comes from the compost. Therefore, fill it in if you empty a box.

However, if plants are long in a box - like tomatoes and courgettes - you need to give an extra compost after a week or 5-6. Just at the base of the plant, on top of the MM mix.
Too much water is not okay, but you can not wait too much: your plants will soon be yellow. Moreover, death. However, if you marry every day your garden gives a good deal of water with a hose, there is another danger: too hot water. The water in a garden hose that is in the sun can get boiling. My aunt has so skillfully helped her one of her precious plants.

Capture the first charge of water in a bucket and check the temperature.
Picture Perfect
Moreover, lastly, some people expect their vegetables to look the same as the vegetables they buy in the store. Those vegetables are grown in carefully controlled conditions: mostly in greenhouses. You can not compare that to your garden where your plants are exposed to weather and the wind. Plus to snails and other pests. Also, besides, one plant is not the other, even though they were down at the same time and they were on the same subject:

I regularly harvest beautiful copies - more impressive than those from the store - but sometimes there are also real mistakes.
Usually, they are in the same pan, and my stomach makes no difference.

The moral of This Story

Do not expect all your plants always to be perfect and remain. In that respect, it is just people. Without madness: such a bowl of fresh green vegetables is beautiful but the further you get in the year, the less that will be the case. What does not take away that you can harvest many delicious vegetables?

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About the less satisfactory specimens: unless your plant is sick, just take a look at it. Moreover, if you do not want to look at such a loser, take it out and just put it into something else. You are the boss.


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