Cats Wore Out of the Garden: Peaceful Methods In a Row

Cats Wore Out of the Garden: Peaceful Methods In a Row

What do I do with cats in my garden?
When we think of a cat, most people imagine a sweet, cute animal. How lovely and beautiful they are, some garden lovers sometimes have a different image of cats. Cats can often be a thorn in small gardens. Digging their pits, digging or destroying plants, eating or hunting beautiful birds It can all be reasons to annoy poetry. Furthermore, it should also be borne in mind that if cats in the vegetable garden abandon their feces and that some diseases can be transmitted to humans.

Here are some tips to help prevent these four-leggers from leaving their smelly message in your yard without having to argue with their bosses.
Many methods and means can cause cats to choose the hazel pad. Since garden lovers are often also animal lovers, we try to hit two flies and keep the cats out of the backyard using PLANT:

Put more plants in your yard so that the soil grows completely close and there is no more place to wander the ground. Earth cakes make the garden for cats a lot more unattractive.
Protect the plants by placing some loved ones in cats in the corner of the backyard. The puppies will only stay at the edge of their favorite plants and rest the remainder of the garden.

If you lost your cats, you would know where you can find them immediately.

  • Nepeta cataria (wild cat weed)
  • Teucrium Marum (Gamander)
  • Ornamental) oats or another layer of soft grass
  • Pollen Alyssum (shield seed)Dianthus deltoides (stone manor)
  • Sagina (fat wall)
The so-called cat breed
You can also place plants in the garden where the cats hate, leaving them away from your garden.
Put these plants in strategic places in your yard to let the casual passerby know that he is not welcome.
Plants that spread lemon odor:

  • Granium macro-Rhi Zum
  • Dictamnus (fireworks plant)
  • Aloysia trip shelf (lemon verbena)
  • Ruta graveolens (wine crop) also helps in keeping cats at bay.

Wet maiden and firepower in strategic places do not see the cat.
A lot of prickly branches of these shrubs in areas where the cat enters your garden can also help. This can encourage the cats to get up another way. Make sure the cat can not jump over it.

Another more radical way of preventing the cats from using the garden as a cat litter is the laying of prickly pruning between the plants. The cats will not be happy to sit here. It may not look so neat, but it helps to get rid of the unwanted legacy of the cats.

If they have a fixed angle to use your garden as a toilet or they enter the garden via a fixed route then you can try to use the following home and kitchen tools:

Pepper sprinkle on the place where the cats make it too furious

  • A cup or bucket filled with water or the hose
  • This is a good eco-friendly way to chase cats. It is obviously not a pleasant way for the cats but, on the other hand, an effective learning method.
  • Spray moth balls along the seal
  • Put lemon peel between the plants
  • Sprinkle of coffee dough
  • This stinky coffee grin will cling to the legs and be in the fur's fur. When licking clean, they will find this unpleasant and may not return them soon.
  • A sufficiently high fence around the garden where they can not be undergone

Hertshoorn oil
The pharmacist would like to order this for you if you promise to pick it up immediately after arrival. It stinks terribly. Dip some branches into this oil or apply the oil to the branches with an old toothbrush. Do not throw away the toothbrush immediately after the herbicide treatment. Then you will see all the hairs down the following morning. The treated branches hide you here and there in the ground and the cats and dogs stay away. Sticks with rapeseed oil can also be found in the field.
Beware of this stuff because if you accidentally get some of your hands, there will be no figurative cat near you in the first few weeks.

Cocoa Caps
These help to protect your garden as a cat litter. However, the cocoa heads will not spoil the cats. They find it less enjoyable to walk, but they will not stay away. You can buy cocoa caps at garden centers or the DIY store. After a rainstorm, the cocoa tops became a kind of crust on the bottom. At that time it has the following features:

  • No longer digs for cats
  • Holds moisture
  • Weeds are still difficult to get through
  • It gives nutrients to the soil/plants
  • It looks pretty nice.
  • There are, of course, also a variety of financial remedies on the market for cats, but they do not always work properly and after a rainfall at all.

I hope that one of those as mentioned earlier free animal-friendly methods will ensure that you do not encounter any unpleasant surprises when working on the ground. I wish you all a happy garden season.


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